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UDA Foundation football camp's first week ends on a high note

The participants have thoroughly enjoyed a tour of the Power Horse Stadium and amusing outdoor activities with inflatables. The summer football camp's second week starts on Monday

The first week of the UD Almería Foundation football camp has ended on a highly amusing day at the Power Horse Stadium. All the boys and girls who signed up have been able to greatly enjoy one last morning at the Power Horse Stadium. 


The excited participants visited facilities such as the press room and the directors' box. The youngsters have also had time to play and have heaps of fun on the inflatables that have been placed next to the North stand gate. The children have enormously enjoyed the water attraction, jumping on mats and also kicking footballs.


All the boys and girls have been able to learn from qualified coaching staff members of the UD Almería Women's team and the UDA Academy. They have had healthy brekkies and have enjoyed many fun-filled activities.


Another 40 kids have enrolled on the same training programme in the second week of this summer football camp that kicks off in three days.

Los niños y niñas visitaron las instalaciones del Power Horse Stadium
Los participantes disfrutaron de actividades en el exterior del estadio
Este hinchable acuático fue el más solicitado por los participantes