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‘Enthusiasm, eagerness and believing wholeheartedly in our goal will be key aspects’

José María Gutiérrez, the UD Almería head coach, considers that all the players will be essential in the return to competition

The UD Almería head coach, José María Gutiérrez talked to the club's official media. He stressed that ‘enthusiasm, eagerness, believing wholeheartedly in our goal will be key aspects’ because he is fully aware that ‘there will be very little time to practise’ the remaining eleven matches. 

In addition, the head coach predicts that the games will be ‘very open, in which the tactics will be a bit missed, while the enthusiasm and continue growing as a player and as a club’ will be meaningful. 

Stepping on the pitch again is a fact that puts a smile on José María Gutiérrez’s face. The former Real Madrid player explained that ‘it is time for the players to work hard because it has been a long time without being able to do so. Now we have to pick up the pace as soon as possible and then start playing with the ball in group training; I will be able to get much more involved in the next phase.’ 

It will be absolutely necessary to wait a little bit more so as to conduct training sessions with all the squad together. However, José María Gutiérrez did not want to use this factor as a complaint. He was emphatic in pointing out that ‘we will have enough time. The important thing is that the competition carries on and that the season can be finished in the end.’ 

Moreover, the Almería gaffer stated that he feels more than satisfied with his players, including those youngsters who have joined the first-team from the Academy. On this subject, José María Gutiérrez stressed that ‘everyone is going to be essential and everyone will have to do their bit. They will be in the limelight.’ Also, the head coach specified that ‘caring for the whole group will be crucial. I believe that If we all come together, we will be capable of doing good things and hopefully having a great League final.’ 

To conclude, LaLiga has imposed some radical changes to the rule book for the 2019/20 season and José María Gutiérrez expressed his opinion on the possibility of calling up more players to the games: ‘It is fine by me. Actually, if you include more players in the team roster, they will realise how important they are to the team.’