First Team

Power Horse Stadium's turf gets ready for next campaign

Royalverd is working on replacing the grass on the main pitch, which will be ready by the end of July

The Power Horse Stadium's turf is also getting ready for the next 2023/24 season, as it happens every year with the Anexo training ground getting its grass changed. Royalverd, the company that looks after the UD Almería's lawns, is immersed in the replacement of the winter pitch (Ryegrass) for the summer one (Bermuda). These tasks take several weeks of treatment and intensive care so that the Power Horse Stadium's pitch is available not only for the LaLiga Santander curtain opener in mid-August, but also before so that the team can carry out some training prior to the start of the competition. 
If everything goes to plan, the grass will be ready on 31st July. Before that date, the Anexo training ground's soil will have been already used since its reseeding started several weeks ago. This football pitch is likely to be available for 10th July, where the UD Almería first team will be able to start the pre-season. Work has also been done on the Vega de Acá field, where the 'B' team youngsters train, which will be ready in mid-August.