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Diego Mariño: 'The team that controls their nerves will be the ones to achieve the goal'

Before the trip to Galicia, the Vigo-born goalkeeper has warned: 'Celta de Vigo are on a roll so we'll have to be very focused'

UD Almería goalkeeper Diego Mariño Villar has reflected on the need to find an effective emotional balance to face the remainder of the season as he sat down with the UDA Radio station journalists: 'I don't like extremes of any kind. Neither high stress nor low stress help you win games. The team that manages to control their nerves will be the ones to achieve the goal. It's necessary to play calmly and obviously responsibly, but knowing that there are many games to go and what we have to do is to stick to the game plan.'  
Diego Mariño was born in Vigo, a city where he is playing this weekend to experience a game that he calls 'special': 'I've already played several times against my hometown team and it's something different than in the first times although, it's always more special than any other match,' he indicated.
Despite being a goalkeeper who stood out very soon, Diego never played for Celta de Vigo: 'I went to Villarreal very young and then Celta didn't value grassroots football and many players like me ended up joining other teams because they didn't invest in Academy. Now, it's just the opposite and the strange thing is someone from there leaving,' he explained. 
There was no LaLiga action last weekend due to the international break, but the Galician goalie highlighted the training accomplished: 'We aren't here to miss a single session and we've taken advantage of the non-competition week; we all trained really well and it was all very intense and fruitful so we must keep it up this week.'
UD Almería will once again look for their first victory away from home this campaign and on that note, the 32-year-old explained the following: 'We haven't been far from getting our away wins. Except in Girona, we've always had chances to win, but it hasn't happened so we'll have to do it now because with the strength at home, if we get points on the trips, it'd give us a big boost.' 
As for the next rivals, Mariño has stressed: 'We have to adapt to all kinds of styles but tight games like the one on Sunday can be better for us; Celta are on a roll and we have to be well aware of how solid we must be if we want to win at the Balaídos Stadium.'