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UD Almería summer camp comes to an end

80 boys and girls have greatly enjoyed unforgettable experiences and fun-filled footie activities at the University of Almería and UD Almería facilities

The UD Almería summer camp organised by the UDA Foundation has come to an end this Friday after all the young participants have visited the facilities of the Power Horse Stadium including changing rooms, mixed zone, the pitch, the press room and the director's box. 


This second week of the summer camp has offered the same sports equipment and healthy brekkies as in the first. The kids have also been able to count on the presence of members from the UDA Foundation and the UD Almería Academy who have been accompanying them during these days that will surely be difficult for the participants to forget. 


A total of 80 boys and girls have been able to greatly enjoy a couple of weeks filled with many experiences, footie activities and tours in the facilities of both the University of Almería and the Club.

Los integrantes de la Fundación y de la Academia de la UD Almería que han acompañado a los niños estas semanas
Los participantes disfrutaron de una visita al túnel de vestuarios
Visitaron las instalaciones del estadio como el gimnasio