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Eguaras: ‘We’ll have to be on alert because they could surprise us’

The latest UD Almeria signing, who played two seasons for the next opponents, warns that CD Mirandes are a ‘team with young and talented players’

‘We’ll have to be on alert because CD Mirandes could surprise us at any time during the match,’ warned midfielder Iñigo Eguaras, the latest UD Almería signing, when he was previewing Sunday's match against opponents who ‘are very young and talented players.’

The Rojiblanco explained ‘they’re coming with a new head coach and we don't know what tactics they’ll use,’  so that he considered it essential ‘to focus on ourselves…by playing a serious game. Once this Matchday is over, we’ll learn the results; forgetting about pressure, we'll take an important step forward if we manage to win. Despite the uncertainty that the change of head coach within the opponents’ squad can create, Eguaras thought ‘basically, I think they’re going to let us go on the attack and they’ll wait for us to make a mistake to go on the counter-attack. The key will be to be well organised, effective…to have control and be carried away by the positive vibes of the match.’

Talking about vibes… the Indalicos have restored the good vibes after all the unexpected setbacks experienced last January. In fact, the 29-year-old pointed out ‘we needed to end that run of bad results. Now we’ve achieved two consecutive victories and we hope to stay on track because the competition is absolutely complicated.’

The Antsoain-born player recognised ‘playing against CD Mirandés is always special for me; I played for them two memorable seasons; I still have contacts there.’ However, Eguara stood out and was signed by Real Zaragoza.

The Navarra native player claimed to feel already integrated into UD Almería, since as he acknowledged ‘at first, it was hard for me because I spent five years in Zaragoza, a city close to my hometown where I settled down; I had it all. It was hard for me to adapt in the first week, but the team members welcomed me warmly and since I’ve got a place to stay everything feels better…I can get to know the city far better. My team-mates have helped me fit in.’