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Dion Lopy: "I'm of humble origin and that's my strength to be a footballer"

The Senegalese UD Almería defensive midfielder shares his thoughts on o the team, his unique style of play and his inspiration from footballers such as Pogba and Zubimendi

UD Almería defensive midfielder Dion Lopy talked about the current situation of the team and opened up in an interview with UDA Radio. The Senegalese footballer stated: 'I'm very happy here, it's true that the team is in a complicated situation, but we have to accept it and handle it as best as possible.' 

The interviewee stands out a lot on the pitch for his slow way of driving the ball. Regarding this aspect, he pointed out: 'It's my way of playing since I was little. My coach told me that I was very calm, but if I change my game then I wouldn't be the same,'. He also stressed: 'For now I'm doing well' and concluded by stating which footballers he looks up at: 'Pogba and Zubimendi are among the players I admire, I like them a lot.'  

The 22-year-old landed in Spain for the first time to play for UD Almería, and shortly after he realised that 'The Spanish LaLiga is the one for me, I don't regret having gone through France, but from the very first game, I realised that this football is perfect for my qualities. In French football you must be stronger and here, it's of higher quality and I can demonstrate my skills.' 

Dion Lopy also opened up with his UDA Radio colleagues: 'My life has been a little complicated, my family was quite humble, but that has been my strength; work hard to get ahead and that has always been instilled in me, work. When I was little I really liked football and I dedicated myself to it to be able to get my family and me out of that situation.' 

To conclude his interview, the Bambilor-born dared to speak in Spanish and said: 'Me gusta mucho Almería (I really like Almería).'