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Coric joins training after getting over gastroenteritis

The Rojiblancos focus on Malaga without forgetting the imminent play-offs for promotion to the First Division

Almería resumed training after the match played in Ponferrada, and they have done so by taking part in an afternoon practice that has been held at Juegos Mediterraneos. With only two days left before the next league game, in which the Rojiblancos are taking on Málaga on Monday at 9:00 p.m. The team have been split into two groups. The first one, which includes all those players who have been playing more minutes lately, participated in an active recovery session, while the second group of footballers undertook an intensive preparation ahead of the next matchday. 

Coric, who was not in the team roster in Ponferrada, due to suffering from gastroenteritis, has exercised as per usual so that the Croatian will be up for grabs, just like Ozornwafor, who has just completed his two-match ban. 

UD Almería are now fully focused on Málaga's visit, without forgetting at all the imminent play-offs for promotion to the First Division, which will kick off on Thursday, 23rd July. At the moment, the first objective is to try to secure third place and therefore enter the play-off battle as the highest ranked team.