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Chumi: ‘Now I’ll be one more UD Almería fan and I’ll support my team-mates’

The UD Almeria centre-back, who was on crutches, talks about his injury on UDA Radio, the Club's official radio station

Chumi chatted to UDA Radio to talk about his recent injury that will force him to undergo surgery in the coming days: ‘These are tough times because injuries are never opportune, but even less so this one. It’s difficult to fit in. I just tried to get the ball out wide, then I fell on my left leg out of the pitch, landing on the outside of my foot and that's when I heard the crunch. I had heard team-mates talk about something similar and then I knew what I should expect at that point.’

The Rojiblanco central defender has recounted the details of that unexpected injury: ‘When it was hot the pain was bearable and I even kept hope. But then, it started to hurt a lot and we left for the hospital and once there, the fracture was confirmed. For me, it's very hard for the moment of the season we are in. The important thing now is to be one more UD Almería fan and support my team-mates. I want to focus on it and be available as soon as possible.’

Chumi had been one of the players with the most minutes played throughout the season: ‘I don't want to dwell on it. We were all in a great moment as a team and that makes us all grow. But now it's time to support from the outside to achieve our main goal which is to achieve promotion.