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Chumi commits future to UD Almería until 2025

The centre-back’s contract ends in June, however it will be extended for three more seasons

Juan Brandariz Movilla, also known as Chumi, will continue playing for Unión Deportiva Almería until 2025 after renewing his contract for 3 more seasons, which expires in June. 

The Club seeks to have a solid squad of quality players for the future and in this sense, they are very pleased to keep a player who, until he was recently injured, had been the outfield player with the most minutes played over the course of the season. 

The 22-year-old centre-back arrived in Almeria last season and the Laracha-born player has shown strength, professionalism and values since then so UD Almeria have decided to extend his stay with the Rojiblancos.