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César de la Hoz: ‘The vibes given off by team are great’

The UD Almeria co-captain regrets the mistakes made against Girona FC, but states that UD Almería are on the right track and that they have to get back on their feet

UD Almería midfielder César de la Hoz, who wears the captain’s armband in LaLiga SmartBank fixtures, does not hesitate to state ‘the vibes given off by the team are great,’ and although he admits that it was hard to lose against Girona FC, he made it clear ‘we’re on the right track and we have to get back on our feet; anyone behind us in the standings would like to be in our position.’

The 29-year-old midfielder explained ‘we don't have to think that what happened last Sunday was a question of bad luck since we were the ones who failed, but there’s no doubt that we actually played a good game, we dominated the rivals and what we have to do now is to continue working hard, although some aspects such as efficiency up front or some imbalances at the back must be improved. In addition, as he points out, ‘you never know when you’ll achieve victory and our rivals are also having problems. This is a tough league and at this point it’s even tougher.’

On a side note, the Cantabria native reflected on the team’s performances this campaign ‘it's been a great season, the team are playing well and taking control of the games. We deserve more points than we’ve got and the anger that we felt after losing to Girona FC must be transformed into enthusiasm and motivation for the next game.’

SD Huesca are the next up and De la Hoz described them as a ‘a team with a solid defence who become really strong on home turf and concede few goals. It’ll be a very evenly matched game in which we’ll have to put in a lot of work. We’re going to go all out with high confidence with an eye to get all three points.’