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UD Almería Genuine get set for 2023/24 season

The Rojiblancos will face the first stage of this new campaign on the weekend of 17/18/19 November which will be held in Tarragona and they will have Girona FC, Athletic Club de Bilbao and RCD Mallorca as opponents

LaLiga Genuine, a football competition organised by LaLiga Foundation with a strong track record on disability inclusion through football, reveals the dates and venues of the 2023/24 season. There will be 4 competition stages divided into 6 host cities. 

The first stop will be Tarragona, with Nàstic as the host club, who will welcome all the Genuine sides on 17/18/19 November at the Esportiu Futbol Salou Complex. UD Almería Genuine, with Miguel Ángel Gutiérrez in the driving seat, will play their first match against Girona FC at 12:30 on Saturday. Then, they will be taking on Athletic Club de Bilbao Genuine on at 5:30pm on Saturday and at 11am on Sunday, RCD Mallorca will be the opposition to round off the weekend.

The Genuine Rojiblancos are growing more and more and there are many players who are looking forward to enjoying the LaLiga Genuine experience. This season, which will kick off in Tarragona (Catalonia), will see all the excited players that make up the teams of this Genuine League, always competing under the motto 'Compartir antes que competir' ['Share before competing'].