First Team

‘Almeria players are putting a brave face on it’

Apart from taking part in demanding training sessions, the heat makes preparation even harder

The Almería players were delighted with their return to training one more day, and also with the impressive progress they are making in preparation. In addition, they are having so much fun participating in rondos and small-sided matches, as César de la Hoz has recently commented. 

The truth is that training is getting more and more demanding, plus the weather is scorching, here comes the summer! As a result of this, sessions are becoming tougher. It is not rainy or chilly, but quite the opposite; the heat takes its toll on the footballers, but they are just putting a brave face on it. 

The Rojiblancos continue with group training until LaLiga, with the authorisation of the Spanish Government, gives the green light to exercise all together, as per usual before the coronavirus outbreak. By the time that happens, the championship will already be around the corner.

The first-team Almeria squad continue to focus on fitness exercises, along with some technical and tactical work. The weeks are long, from Monday to Saturday. Two-a-day training takes place every other day. The players will take part in a double training session on Wednesday and Friday as they did last Monday. In this case, the players have to work on the physical aspect in the early mornings. Health and safety measures are maintained at all times at Juegos Mediterraneos.