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Almería have denounced to RFEF the attacks by a group of hooded people on U19 ‘B’ teens

CD Medina sent their apologies to the Rojiblancos club and collaborates to clear up what happened once the game was over in Melilla

UD Almería have denounced to the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) the attacks that the Almeria Under-19s ‘B’ teenage boys suffered by a group of hooded people, who have not been able to be identified yet, once the Liga Nacional Juvenil game against CD Medina finished in Melilla.

The Rojiblancos club have detailed in their communication with the Spanish Football Federation that, when the squad were about to leave La Espiguera ground and once the National Police officers had left during the match, some young people dressed in hooded sweatshirts and face masks began to kick and punch the Almeria footballers so that the coaching team had to intervene to stop them.

Shortly after, the aggressors threw stones and drink cans at the queue of Almeria members who were waiting to get on the bus. On top of that, with the whole of the teenagers and coaching team seated inside, these objects hit the vehicle.

CD Medina representatives have contacted members of the Almeria Academy in order to convey their apologies and lending themselves to collaborate in order to clear up what actually happened, pointing out that there was no connection with the Melilla-based club. It should be highlighted that during playing time no incident occurred between the two sides. 

UD Almería have communicated this unpleasant incident to the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), taking into account that the Almeria Under-19s ‘B’ squad are made up of underage players, with the aim that the aforementioned actions are being brought to the attention of the authorities. At the same time, it is expected these events not to happen again in future trips made by the Almeria team, as well as of those team-mates competing in the same league.