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Almería Genuine win ‘LaLiga Foundation’ talent show

The judges consider that the song ‘Liga de Valores’ is worthy of first prize

The Almería Genuine team, promoted by the UD Almería Foundation, have been chosen as the winners of the 1st edition of the ‘Genuine Talent’, a contest organised by LaLiga Foundation. This has been decided during the second day of LaLiga Genuine Santander virtual competition in which the song 'Liga de Valores', composed by Dani Aguilar and with the choreography by Miguel Ángel López, has won first prize following the votes of the judges.

A total of 36 football clubs participated in the virtual LaLiga Genuine Santander competition over this weekend in which they had the great opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable experience full of fun, sports and music.

The ten finalists were looking for a spot in the grand final last Saturday with Real Zaragoza, CD Tenerife and UD Almería progressing to the next round.

On the second day of the virtual competition, LaLiga Foundation has announced the results of the voting. The following judges have decided that the Almeria Genuine team are the big winners: Fernando Sanz, president of Fundacion LaLiga, Felipe Martín, director of sponsorships, events and RRSS of Santander España; Miguel Justribó, Head of Communication and CSR at Telepizza; Santi Millán, actor, presenter and comedian; Gema Hassen-Bey, Paralympic medallist and communicator; as well as Jesús Vidal, actor and winner of a Goya Award in 2018 for his role in the Spanish film ‘Campeones’ (‘Champions’), a comedy about a basketball team featuring talented actors with developmental disabilities.

UD Almería Genuine entered the talent show with the song 'Liga de Valores', composed and performed by the Rojiblanco player Dani Aguilar - with the choreography of the Indálico football player Miguel Ángel López – whose music style mixes rap and trap. The author wanted to share with the lyrics his personal experience of overcoming bullying at school and the presence of the UDA Foundation in LaLiga Genuine Santander being key during his recovery.