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Almería begin training by splitting into two groups of up to fourteen players

The Rojiblancos step up preparations with an intensive double training session. The team will be training on Wednesday evening

Almería step up preparations at Juegos Mediterraneos ahead of the eagerly anticipated season resumption. LaLiga protocol consists of a four-phase process progressing from preparation for training, individual training, group training and then full squad training. As of Tuesday, the team led by José María Gutiérrez begin training by splitting into two larger groups of up to 14 footballers, four more than previously. This will enable the coaching staff to include more tactical drills on the way that leads up to the season restart. 

Even though the Ministry of Health approved it late on Sunday, UD Almería kept to its former schedule on Monday, in which there were taking part in the practice three groups of up to ten players. As we mentioned before, on Tuesday, it widened out to a brutal double training session carried out at both the Anexo training ground and the Juegos Mediterraneos Stadium. Whereas, the Rojiblancos will be training on Wednesday late-afternoon, they are meant to do so twice on Thursday. All of the players are available and working at the same level.

Twenty-nine footballers are exercising on a daily basis, what means that one player has to stay out of these two 14-player groups. The Almeria Academy keeper Jero has been left out; he will be training on the sidelines until he joins full squad training in the next phase. 

The two groups that have been formed are the following: on the one hand, Fernando, Romera, Francis, David Costas, Ozornwafor, Iván Martos, César de la Hoz, Coric, Aguza, Appiah, Lazo, Fran Villalba, Rubén Enri and Darwin Núñez; on the second hand, Sivera, Balliu, Maras, Callejón, Juan Ibiza, Jonathan Silva, Petrovic, Kaptoum, Vada, Enzo, Corpas, Dani Albiar, Barbero and Juan Muñoz.