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Alberto Lasarte: 'We're optimistic and we want to win there'

The UD Almería 'B' team's head coach knows that a draw is not enough for them to advance to the play-offs next round, but he assures: 'The pressure doesn't have to be on us'

UD Almería 'B' head coach Alberto Lasarte assessed the second leg of the play-offs for promotion to Segunda RFEF in the following terms in the press room: 'We knew that we had to win one of the two games. We achieved two wins and a draw in this play-off and they recorded three draws. We're optimistic and we want to get the victory there without the pressure of thinking that a draw is not worth it.' 

Alberto Lasarte believes that one of the main aspects when facing the crucial match is to be 100% focused from the get go: 'The display will be important; starting the game on fire from the off and knowing that the with passing of the minutes they may feel nervousness. Above all, we have to maintain a high level of competitiveness, improving performance in the areas because in the first leg we created more than the goals we scored and in the defensive area, we have to prevent specific errors from costing us goals.'

Mr Lasarte highlighted the fact of knowing how to manage the timing of the game as one of the rivals' strengths: 'I expect a Real Jaén CF that dominate the situations, the timing of the game. It's obvious because they have 3 draws and it's working for them. We want to dynamite that and take them out of their comfort zone.' 

A spectacular attendance is expected on Sunday at La Victoria, since said stadium has an approximate capacity of 12,000 supporters. 'It's important that footballers get used to playing on a pitch with 10,000 supporting, it's something that has to seem natural to them if they want to play with the UD Almería first team. On the other hand, it is surprising how many of our travelling fans are going to Jaén considering that this is a 'B' team. There is twinning with the Jaén fans, so I reckon they're going to enjoy a great day and I truly hope we can dedicate the passage to the next round to them.' 

Finally, the UDA Academy prospects gaffer ended the pre-Jaén presser by emphasising: 'It's going to be a great game, the graduates are getting their doctorate little by little. Last year, they were some children who were starting to fight in the Spanish Cup U19 and now we see a group of young men who are going to try to attack La Victoria.'