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Alberto Lasarte: This UD Almería 'B' will fight to the death

The UD Almería B head coach caught up with UDA Radio and stressed that he is really proud of his players: I'm very impressed by their performance.

UD Almería 'B' head coach Alberto Lasarte popped in at the UDA Radio studio to give an assessment of the pre-season campaign so far. At the moment, the Academy products are unbeaten and getting good vibes. He also assured: 'This UD Almería 'B' will fight to the death. Even though we're dominating, in the end victories slip away due to small details. Maybe, official matches will be more demanding, but it won't be very different from what we're seeing now.' 
Although the UDA Academy youth side gaffer is well aware that 'the pre-season is for the players to grasp concepts and we don't need to take these results into account. I'm actually very impressed by their performance. A lot of my footballers are demonstrating effectiveness against more veteran teams.' 
One of Alberto Lasarte's objectives was to provide the first team with homegrown players. During this pre-season held by UD Almería, AvelinoMarcos Peña or Marciano made their senior debuts and in this regard, Lasarte highlighted: 'We're at the service of the first team and we're enormously proud of the youngsters who are now training with them.'
'The start of the league is going to be difficult, the Tercera RFEF tier is tough. We cannot underestimate anyone' although he mentioned: 'We're very excited about this season.'