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Alberto Lasarte: 'CD Toledo put us on alert and force us to be the best version of ourselves'

The UD Almería 'B' head coach considers the final as 'the most difficult yet' due to promotion to the Segunda RFEF due to the rivals' strength and the second leg away from home

After Monday's morning training and still lowering their heart rates after the recent adrenaline rush in Jaén, Alberto Lasarte is alert in the week when his team begin the final journey towards a new and higher tier. The promotion forces them to crown another top-class venue such as the Salto del Caballo Stadium. While the warriors are resting, the youthful Rojiblancos gaffer speaks to the Club's official media to look ahead to the next and last test that UD Almería 'B' have before they try to take an important step in national football. 

Q. What do you think of CD Toledo? 

A. 'We haven't had much luck because they're a historic team that move the fans a lot. It wasn't the type of tie we wanted because we didn't want the first leg to be held here either. We'll have to be the best version of ourselves again and pass the even more difficult test' 

Q. Again the home advantage will be against UD Almería 'B'. three out of three 

A. 'On this occasion, the tie no longer penalises because penalties are already included in case of a draw but we'll have to endure the downpour with the opposing fans in the second leg. If we've achieved something against Real Jaén CF it's to overcome the pressure sway from home. I'm actually more concerned about the rivals' strengths because promotion is very important for them.'

Q. Is it necessary to let the euphoria fade to avoid confusion? 

A. 'The rivals we've faced put us on alert and we're well aware that to advance we'll have to become the best version of ourselves. 

Q. Did the team concede more than necessary in Jaén? 

A. 'No, everything was conditioned by the two goals scored in the 7th minute. That makes you wait a little further back and go on the counter-attack. Yes, we lack the pinpoint precision somewhat and they only scared us in the final corners when they went all out. The team was sensational.'

Q. In the run-up to that game you commented that 'the kids are getting their doctorates.' Was the graduation celebrated last Saturday? 

A. 'We must look forward and keep up the good things we've done in these two qualifying rounds. The team was up to the task and it wasn't easy at all. We're extremely satisfied.

Q. Sunday, at 12 noon, at the Power Horse Stadium...

A. 'Against Atlético Malagueño, the home game was key. They (CD Toledo) are veterans and will play their cards in the second leg. Our people need to help us get a good result this Sunday and hopefully, we'll be able to count on our fans like last time'

Q. Any promises if you earn promotion to Segunda RFEF? 

A. 'Whatever you want. Imagine what you want, that I'll do it if my team manages to gain promotion to Segunda RFEF, which is what this team truly deserves.'