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Aitor Buñuel: ‘It’s been two and a half months of hard work in the shadows’

The right-back is nearing the end of his recovery and thanks the UD Almería medical team warmly for their total support

‘It’s been two and a half months of hard work and solo training in the shadows, but I'm so happy I’m back now,’ exclaimed with happiness UD Almeria right-back Aitor Buñuel after a major knee injury suffered on 12th September (Matchday 5) as he has rejoined his team-mates at training this week.

Aitor has not been given the all-clear yet and therefore, he explained ‘I’m nearing the end of my  recovery process, training with the group, gradually taking part in the exercises and I’ll be given the go-ahead depending on how I feel  in the next few days.’ It was his first injury and although he had a bad time, he also looked on the bright side: ‘You learn from everything. It’s been a process that somehow has allowed me to see that negative side of football. That helps you become a mature player and person. Hopefully, it's the first and the last.’ The Navarra native footballer expressed his deep sense of heartfelt gratitude to the UD Almería medical team for their total support, about whom he said ‘they’re great professionals.  We’re privileged to have them with us on a daily basis and that they’re available at any time.’

Then it was time to talk about the team's outstanding run of results: ‘It's nice to see the team playing. We’re having good team dynamics. I think we’ve been doing very well since the beginning of the season and now we’re reaping the rewards. We’ve created very solid foundations. We’re a great group both on a personal and professional level...we’re hoping everything turns out the way we want this season.’

Aitor Buñuel spoke of the current UD Almería compared to the previous season: ‘We’ve got a very specific idea of ​​the game this campaign, which is very clear to all of us in the team. We’re a solid, humble and hard-working squad which is an essential aspect in this tier.’

The 23-year-old Rojiblanco is keenly aware that the team still have months ahead to achieve their prime goal, however Aitor knows that the competition is fierce. In fact, he stated ‘we’re a very competitive squad and I have to say that both Juanjo Nieto and Pozo are talented players, but when I’m available I hope to be back at my best and be able to do my bit.’

SD Huesca arrive this Saturday: ‘They’re one of the teams that were said to be at the top of the table since the beginning of the season. They were a relegated team last season. I guess they’re a very complete squad. Maybe their results are not the ones they expected, yet they’re going to make things difficult for us without any doubt.’