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4-2: Almeria B stage stunning comeback from two goals down

Almeria B achieve a great victory against their rivals Real Jaén. The rojiblancos score four goals in just twenty minutes; Nano scored a hat-trick.

Spectacular is the best word to describe the game that Almeria B played against their rivals Real Jaén, in the Anexo training ground of the Juegos Mediterraneos Stadium, corresponding to matchday 22 of the League within the IX group of the Third Division. The rojiblancos fought back from 0-2 down. Then the game turned on its head in the second-half. The players had faith and scored four goals in just twenty minutes ... the keeper Jero saved a penalty, that really was the icing on the cake. Along these lines, the B team have finally achieved a victory after four consecutive draws, remain undefeated since Nandinho is on the driving seat, and take a very important step forward in reaching their goal, securing a place in the play-offs. 

Things could not get any worse for the UD Almeria B team, since Real Jaén found the net twice in the 30th and 37th minutes without having a clear ball possession. Every little helps, the subs brought onto the pitch in the second-half, the courage, the great plays made…Almeria B defeated Real Jaén. The rojiblancos had considerable absences, especially forwards. Rubén Enri was not in action as he went down with an injury before, but fortunately Nano scored a hat-trick. The team and fans were euphoric after the fourth goal at the hands of Javi Robles. 

UD Almería B: Jero, Vértiz (Raúl García, minute 46), Ezequiel, Fran Callejón, Luna (Sanchís, minute 46); Tomás (Robles, minute 58), Juanma; Contreras, Guirao, Fermín and Nano. 

Real Jaén: Ángel, Dani Perejón, Adolfo (Fran Ortruño, minute 80), Álvaro; Gabri (Jero Díaz, minute 85), Marcelo (Sosa, minute 71); Jorge Vela, Chumilla, Juanca, and Pato. 

Goals: 0-1 (Minute 30): Duck. 0-2 (Miinute 37): Jorge Vela. 1-2 (Minute 62): Nano. 2-2 (Minute 75): Nano. 3-2 (Minute 79): Nano. 4-2 (Minute 82): Robles. 

Referee: Manrique Antequera, belonging to the Granada school of referees. He admonished Juanma, Guirao, Ezequiel y Robles, from UD Almería B, and Adolfo and Álvaro, from Real Jaén. 

Observations: Match corresponding to the matchday 22 of the League within the IX group of the Third Division, played in the Anexo training ground of the Juegos Mediterraneos Stadium with great atmosphere in the stands. There was presence of Real Jaén supporters