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2-1: Almeria veteran players defeated Granada in an emotional charity match

Emotional match in aid of Iker Ibáñez, the child who suffers a degenerative disease and needs treatment

Almeria veterans defeated Granada 2-1 in an emotional charity game that was held at the Anexo football ground of the Juegos Mediterraneos Stadium in aid of Iker Ibáñez, a four-year-old child who suffers from a degenerative disease and needs treatment. 

Therefore, all the money collected from the tickets sold in advance and the ‘Row 0’ ones sold at Anexo football ground will go to Iker, whose father was present at the meeting. The famous singer Enna Navarro, born in Almeria, made her guest appearance in the match.

Almeria veterans starting IX: Gazzaniga, Alvarito, Pedro, Callejón, Isidro, Muley, Jose Ortiz, Añoño, Luisma, Butra and Alex Hita. David, J. Martos, Chema, Nico, F. Chino, Guille, Moreno, Narciso, Francis, Mol Peña and Raúl Sánchez also participated in the game. The latter and Luisma, were the only goal scorers.