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Women's Team

12 games, 12 victories and commanding lead for unstoppable UD Almería Women B

The UD Almería Women 'B' team are atop of the table with 36 points, an eight-point advantage over the second-placed side. The next top-of-the-table clash against UDC Pavia could seal their dominance in the standings

UD Almería Women B are putting in exceptional performances this scintillating season, remaining undefeated in their league after playing 12 games with 12 victories. Just Wow! 

They are enjoying a commanding lead in the table with a total of 36 points to their tally, the Almería Women 'B' players are atop of the table with an eight-point advantage over the second-placed UDC Pavía, although they have one game in hand. 

This achievement reflects the good work of Chelo's youth girls team and highlights the consistency and determination they have shown in each and every match. Furthermore, the next challenge for the girls will be against the current runners. A victory in this top-of-the-table clashe would further consolidate their position topping the table.