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1-4: UD Almería U19s 'A' thrash Calavera to sit third ain the table gain

The UDA Academy prospects got back to winning ways after their setback against Granada U19 with a great match in which they outclassed their rivals

UD Almería Under-19s 'A' have won again after their last defeat to Granada CF U19 by thrashing Calavera 1-4. This result fires the UD Almería boys to sit third  in the table again and be the first team behind Sevilla FC U19 and Betis U19, who remain in the top-two spots. Needless to say, the Indálicos cannot relax, since fourth place is occupied by Cádiz CF U19 who have the same points as Zeus Carmona's youth team (41). 

The results obtained by the rest of the UD Almería Academy youth sides have been the following:

-UD Almería U19 'B' vs CD Oriente. Saturday at 4pm (Francisco Pomedio). 3-1

-UD Almería U16 'A' vs UD Maracena. Saturday at 1pm (Los Pinos). 4-0

-CD Esp. Albolote vs UD Almería U16 'B'. Sunday at 1pm (Garrido “Rerre”). 1-3

-Seneca CF vs UD Almería U14 'A'. Saturday at 12:00 (Enrique Puga). 2-2

-UD Almería U14 'B' vs La Mojonera. Sunday at 10am (Los Pinos). 13-0

-UD Almería U12 'A' vs UD Ciudad de Roquetas. Saturday at 11am (Los Pinos). 4-1

-AD Polideportivo Aguadulce vs UD Almería U12 'B'. Saturday at 6p.m (Municipal). 1-15

-CD Mojácar vs UD Almería U10 'A'. Saturday at 12 noon (City of Mojácar). 0-17

-UD Almería U10 'B' vs CD Polideportivo El Ejido 1969. Saturday at 9:30am (Los Pinos). 11-0

-CD Español del Alquián va UD Almería U8 'A'. Sunday at 10:30am (Los Pinos). Victory 

-UD Almería U8 'B' vs CD Comarca de Níjar Fem B. Saturday at 11am (Los Pinos). 6-2