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0-1: UD Almería B move away from second place as they lose to Real Jaén

The UDA Academy Rojiblancos whipped in many chances but when they were at their best, the visitors' second-half match-winning goal came courtesy of Migue García in the 73rd minute

UD Almería 'B' began Sunday with the opportunity to rise to second place in the table if they won their match against Real Jaén, but they did not manage to achieve it. The youthful Rojiblancos started the match well and kept the pace for a long time, however, the rivals were more effective and took the lead in the 73rd minute with a goal from Migue García. Despite the Rojiblancos' attempts to level things up, the match would end in defeat, and thus putting an end to UD Almería 'B''s six-game winning streak. 

UD Almeria 'B' began the match with great intensity, well aware of the importance of the clash. This determination was reflected in their first dangerous threat. Joan was about to put the Indálicos ahead with a thumping header that narrowly missed the goal. This is how the UDA Academy side presented themselves in the match, marking territory from the off. However, Real Jaén also responded with grit and determination, matching the intensity. Although UD Almería 'B' maintained a higher pace than their rivals and Luis Lara also had a very clear opportunity. 

The guests, who gained momentum throughout the match, also began to approach the goal defended by Bruno Iribarne. So much so that the last play of the first half turned out to be the clearest of the opening forty-five minutes. Bruno, with a great save, managed to clear a ball that ended in a corner. On the subsequent corner-kick, the Jaén-based team's shot hit the post, leaving the ball loose, and the rebound went over the Rojiblancos' goal.

The second half kicked off in a similar way to the first, with UD Almería 'B' showing greater impetus, although with the Jaén boys that remained well organised on the pitch making it difficult for Lasarte's players to engineer chances. Despite this, the Indálicos created danger with each advance: Aarón was close to opening the scoring after a brilliant solo play, but the visitor keeper palmed away the opportunity; Loren, with a header, also squandered an outstanding opportunity, while Joan tried his luck with shots from the edge the box, although without success. 

UD Almería 'B' dominated the game, but when they were at their best, the hard blow came in the 73rd minute. Migue García beat Bruno and put his team in front (0-1). The UDA boys went on the attack in search of the deserved draw, but the combination of bad luck and Jaén's defensive solidity complicated their attempts. With spaces at their disposal, Real Jaén had goal-scoring opportunities to put the game to bed, yet Bruno Iribarne kept the hosts alive with key saves. In spite of the Indálicos' huge effort until the last minute, the victory escaped them. 

Match information

UD Almería 'B': Bruno Iribarne; Peñalver, Álex Mendes, René Pérez, Aarón Romero; Josema (Marsu. 76'), Joan, Cantón (Keven Vinicius. Min 82); Luis Lara (Valen. 71'), Hugo Neves (Ballestero. 76') and Loren (Rachad. 76'). 

Real Jaén: Javi Sánchez; Javi Moyano, Mauro, Pablo de Castro, Iriondo (Espín. 90'); Óscar Lozano (Juanma. 53'), Álvaro Múñiz, Adri Paz, Migue García (Montiel. 90'); Fernando (Juampe. 90') and Mario Martos (Joselillo. 82'). 

Goals: 0-1 Migue García (73') 

Referees: José Antonio Bueso Jiménez (from Malaga). He booked home player Josema (34') and visitors Javi Moyano (22'), Mauro (55'), Juanma (71') and Javi Sánchez (90'). 

Observations: Matchday 30. Group IX of Tercera RFEF. Game played on the Anexo  Power Horse Stadium in the presence of nearly 500 fans.

Once inicial UD Almería B
Luis Lara fue muy desequilibrante y en sus botas tuvo una buena ocasión
Aarón estuvo muy cerca de adelantar a los rojiblancos
Joan probó suerte desde la frontal del área en varias ocasiones
Fue un partido muy igualado e intenso