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0-0: UD Almería knocked out of Queen's Cup after losing 6-7 on penalty shoot-out

UD Almeria Women squandered big chances throughout the full 90 minutes and did not manage to net in extra time either

UD Almería Women were knocked out of the Copa de la Reina [Queen's Cup] tournament, in which they participated for the first time in their history, losing 6-7 in the penalty shoot-out against FF La Solana. The UD Almeria Women's team players created clear-cut chances in the second half and also in extra time to have gotten the game back on track at the Emilio Campra Youth Stadium. Then, the penalty shoot-out wiped the smiles off their faces as the girls said goodbye to the Queen's Cup title. 

UD Almería Women and FF La Solana went all out for a victory from the get go because they knew that after the single-legged tie there were no other chances. For this reason, the first period was intense and highly competitive, with both outfits exchanging chances in both boxes, although goal-scoring opportunities were spurned. Neither side could find a breakthrough before half-time (0-0).

After the restart, the Indálicas were close to taking the lead after two minutes. Jessi took a free-kick from the edge of the area with the rival goalie stretching nicely to prevent the opening goal. UD Almería Women gradually imposed their football style and began to take more of the initiative by creating dangerous situations. Fátima, with a header within the 6-yard box, was about to make it 1-0, and in the subsequent corner-kick, Jessi slapped the turf in frustration as she failed to score an olimpic goal.

The match went into extra time, in which the UD Almeria Women players reigned superior, engineering big scoring chances. In the 93rd minute, Marisa hit the woodwork and in the 105th minute, Carla, from the edge of the area, struggled creatively to make it 1-3, yet the La Mancha keeper, with a great stretch, denied the attacker. Shortly before, a defender from La Solana saved a goal line attempt. When extra time had already concluded, it was FF La Solana who nearly netted; Carmen Belmonte, host goalkeeper, averted danger. With considerable uncertainty, the end of the game was reached and the game went into a penalty shoot-out in a bid to qualify for the next Queen's Cup round. Nothing could be done.

Match information:

UD Almería Women: Carmen Belmonte, Priscilla (Marisa, 85'), Marina (Tejedor, 98'), Mireia (Fátima, 57'), Jessi, Natalia (Carla, 57'), Lorena, Alejandra, Angela Moreno (Paqui, 78'), Rocío and Electra (Conchita, 57'). 

FF La Solana: Paula Esteban (Norma Méndez, 90+20'), Mónica Barriento, Ana Hilario, Mireia Hinojal, Esther Pascual (Azahara, 83'), Lucía Lorenzo, Lucía Soriano Brenda, 83'), Ami Mori, Lydia Rayo (Olga, 45'), Gabrielle Nsom and Belén Potasa (Nerea Pérez, 45'). 

Referee: Andrea Viciana Fernández from the Almería Referees Association. She booked Rojiblanca Tejedor as well as Ami Mori and Ana Hilario from FF La Solana. 

Observations: Queen's Cup first round tie played at the Emilio Campra Youth Stadium. More than 100 spectators in the stands including Almería City Council sports councillor Antonio Jesús Casimiro Andújar, Regional Sports councillor José Vélez and Almeria Football Federation President José Martín Doblado.

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