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Women's Team

0-0: Almería Women battle hard for a share of the spoils

The Rojiblancas create the biggest chances against visitors CD Badajoz Women. The Almerienses beat them on goal average

UD Almería Women could not close the gap on the second-placed side although they got one point that keeps them at the top in the race for promotion. On a positive note, the Rojiblancas beat CD Badajoz Women on goal average, who are four points ahead of the hosts in automatic promotion spots. Honours were even in a goalless draw in which the Indalicas created most of the goal-scoring opportunities (0-0).

Álvaro García Búrdalo’s side began to compete with intensity looking for that opener that would put them ahead. With 10 minutes on the clock, Ana Carrascosa was the first player to try her luck against Eva, who managed to prevent the home team girls from getting ahead.

Almería Women were enjoying possession and did not feel any danger in front of their goal, beyond some crosses from CD Badajoz Women that Carmen Belmonte solved without difficulty. In addition, the pressure piled up front affected negatively on the visitors’ momentum, who on the counter-attack, in the 39th minute, were close to surprising goalie Carmen Belmonte, who cleared Marga's fine attempt. It was the last highlight of the opening forty-five minutes. Nothing between them at the break.

It was a second period with plenty of end-to-end activity. María did not take advantage of a good deliver from peer Marga 70 minutes in to put Badajoz in front and, in the 71st minute, it was Paqui from Almeria Women who tried it through a free-kick that was saved by the visiting goalkeeper and who, immediately afterwards, also prevented the goal in a one-on-one with Jessi, after a great assist from team-mate Sarita. Then, Irene was about to score after a corner-kick.

After stoppage time, host Eva had to be taken to the hospital following a severe blow to the neck. 

All in all, the Rojiblancas merited a victory that could have left them just 1 point adrif of  automatic promotion, so the gap will remain the same with CD Badajoz Women. Looking on the bright side, Almeria Women beat them on goal average, a fact that, depending on how the season goes on, could be relevant in the final stretch of the season.

Match Information:

UD Almería Women: Carmen Belmonte; Eva, Mati, Mireya (Esther, 61’), Flores; Carmen (Paqui, 46’), Anita; Jessi, Carrascosa (Marta Paz, 74’), Irene Mateos (Lucía, 86’), and Fátima (Sarita, 61’).

CD Badajoz Women: Eva; Espe, Isa, Elena, Lucia; Alicia (Laura, 80’), Marga; Luisa, Erica (María, 58’), Sole, and Ainhoa ​​(Albiol, 88’).

Referee: Viciana Fernández from the Almería Referees School. She booked hosts Mireya and Jessi, as well as visitors Alicia, Luisa, Elena and María.

Observations: Matchday 18. The match was played at the Emilio Campra Youth Stadium with approximately 200 supporters in attendance. UD Almería player Eva, had to be taken to the hospital due to a severe blow to the neck. The Rojiblancas took to the field wearing shirts with the message of 'Cheer up Adriana', wishing her a speedy recovery as she was diagnosed with a long-term injury.