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0-0: Almería B shared the spoils with Mancha Real in their league debut

The homegrown players did not manage to find the net, even though they enjoyed the best scoring opportunities, but without being successful.

In the first minutes it was possible to verify that it was meant to be an evenly-match game. Atlético Mancha Real showed why they are considered since the pre-season preparations as one of the best candidates for promotion. In turn, the Almeria Academy team’s brilliant start brought about countless big chances.

Fernando Santos bet on a starting XI in which the presence of up to three footballers who have a daily routine along with the first team stood out. In this sense, Lluís Tarrés was in charge of defending the goal, while Dani Albiar, playing as a playmaker, and Juan Gutiérrez, as a centre-forward were placed up front.

During the first 15 minutes there were two clear opportunities for each contestant. In the first one, Juan Manuel Gutiérrez tried his luck with a shot from the edge of the box, which  grazed the post. Shortly after, the visiting team’s effort arrived at hands of Fran Oller.

Almería B were attempting to start their vertical game. However, the Jaen-based side were doing rather well on the pitch. With 35 minutes on the clock, Dani Albiar was about to overtake the Rojiblancos, but his free-kick unfortunately hit the crossbar. 

With the arrival of the second half, the game's plot left UD Almería B taking a step further and increased their presence on the opponents’ side Mancha Real. Thus, in the 54th minute, Aitor Puñal finished off a cross from the right wing with a header, but the ball once more hit the post. 

As the clock ran down, none of the teams created clear goal chances. For this reason, the Rojiblancos boss sought a reaction by bringing Sergio Sanchís and Andrei on while Jean Marco and Tomás came off. Later, due to the lack of success in the last pass, the Portuguese head coach introduced Moha and Caballero to take over Luna and Juan Manuel Gutiérrez. It was the 78th minute. 

Although Almería B tried several actions in which Sergio Sanchís took the leading role with his breaklines by the sideline, the connection with the attacking players did not succeed due to the good defensive strategy of the team from Jaén. Aitor Puñal went high upfield to finish off a free kick by Dani Albiar on 86 minutes and his header went over the crossbar. It was the last chance before the final 0-0 result was confirmed.

UD Almería B: Lluís Tarrés; Vertiz, Luna (Moha, min. 78), Carvalho, Aitor Puñal, Fermín; Tomás (Andrei, min. 67), Cerpa, Jean Marco (Sergio Sanchís, min. 59), Dani Albiar and Juan Manuel Gutiérrez (Caballero, min. 78). 

Atlético Mancha Real: Lopito; David Ordoñez, Raúl Pérez, Juanfran, José Enrique (Alberto, min. 81), Chumilla (David Romero, min. 64), Pedro Corral, Fran Fernández (Benji, min. 81), Nando (Rentero, min. 22), Fran Oller (Urko, min. 64) and Sebas.

Referee: Muñoz Arojana, from the Andalusian referees association. He booked home side players Dani Albiar, Luna and Aitor Puñal, as well as the visitors Raúl Pérez and Sebas.

Observations: Match corresponding to matchday 1 of the league within group IX ‘A’ of Tercera Division. The meeting was played at the Anexo training ground of the Juegos Mediterraneos Stadium behind closed doors, complying with the protocol measures against Covid-19.