Lazo: ‘We have to keep calm; this is a 42-match competition’

Lazo acknowledges that they feel upset by the defeat in Ponferrada, but it is time to recharge batteries and become strong again


José Carlos Lazo, one of the captains of UD Almería, who usually wears the team’s armband in official matches believes ‘people are free to express their opinions and we respect them, but I think we have to be calm. This is a 42-match competition in which anyone can beat you, as we are actually seeing, which shows the toughness of this championship. It doesn’t matter if we’re in the 5th or the 10th match week, no team will move up to Primera until all matches are played.’

The Cadiz-born left-winger stressed ‘it’s time to recharge batteries and become strong again. We have a new game coming up and we have to prepare it with the firm intention of getting all three points and correcting the errors that we could’ve made in Ponferrada.’

Lazo acknowledges ‘we’re particularly upset for having lost at El Toralín Stadium, but the league continues and we can’t look back. We must learn from the failures and keep going with full focus on Alcorcón.’

When looking ahead to this upcoming meeting, the 25-year-old stated ‘They’re tough opponents who go into every game as a solid team, winning second balls. It’ll be a game similar to the one against Ponferradina.’ In addition, the opponents nicknamed the Alfareros have just achieved their first victory of the season, on which Lazo said ‘they might be feeling stronger and more confident after that, but we have to focus on ourselves, having the utmost respect for Alcorcón.’