0-0: Almeria ‘B’ take one point home from opening game

The young Rojiblancos played an evenly matched game against Huétor Tájar. Jean Marco was sent off and the visitors were denied a penalty claim


UD Almería ‘B’ took home a well-deserved point from their opening game this 2021/22 season in the difficult pitch to win of Huétor Tájar. In general terms, both teams merited points and created goal-scoring opportunities, but the Academy Rojiblancos were down on their luck as Jean Marco was sent off after being shown two yellow cards within 66 minutes and a possible penalty was not awarded to the visiting team with 5 minutes to go. 

Head coach Óscar Fernández's first starting XI of the season was formed by Obón; Vertiz, Ginés, Sylla, David Cuenca, Andrei, Kevin Bautista, Víctor Blanco, Jean Marco, Fermín and Carlos Gilbert

The match kicked off and with 17 minutes gone, keeper Obón had to make an effort to block the hosts’ warning shot. UD Almeria ‘B’ would soon respond in an action in which Gilbert cut inside the area and put the goalkeeper to the test. The goalie from Huetor Tajar became one of the players of the match at the edge of the break after avoiding an Indálico head-to-head.

In the second half, scoring opportunities were seen one after another. The adversaries tried first, but Ginés got in the way. Then, player Ramiro blocked a shot from Vertiz under the sticks following a corner-kick within 51 minutes. Next, the woodwork denied another Huétor Tájar’s hopeful shot. It was the 60th minute.

UD Almería ‘B’ wanted to take one step further and forced the home team to sit back. When the homegrown players grew into the game the most, the match official showed the second yellow to Jean Marco so he was sent off. The Almeria team was at a disadvantage, but this would not stop them from keeping on fighting. Shortly after, Rojas tried his luck from outside the area and the ball went high.

The Rojiblancos were eager to clinch the first victory of the 2021/22 campaign. With 5 minutes for the conclusion, the boys from Almeria were denied a penalty claim. It was a goalless draw in the opening game with one-point reward against an experienced team within this league level.

Match Information:

CD Huétor Tájar: Escalera; David, Javi Pérez, Ramiro, Manu Daza (Esteban, 85’), Joaquín (Alejandro Utrilla, 66’), Daniel Carrillo (Juan Jesús, 66’), Armario, Romero, Javier Ramírez (Alberto, 85’) and Javi Gadea.

UD Almería ‘B’: Obón; Vertiz, Ginés, Sylla (Víctor Sala, 60’), David Cuenca, Andrei, Kevin Bautista, Víctor Blanco (Rojas, 60’), Jean Marco, Fermín and Carlos Gilbert.

Referee: José Antonio Gutiérrez Pérez from the Malaga Referees School. He booked adversaries Alejandro Romero and Alberto, as well as visitor Sylla. In addition, he sent off Jean Marco, a player from the UD Almería ‘B’ following two yellow cards in the 66th minute.

Observations: Matchday 1. Tercera Division RFEF (Group IX)